Tabitha does not only work in visual media but is also a performance artist who dances with fire using a variety of stage props. She is proficient in poi, contact staff, double staves, hoop, isolation hoops, fans, palm torches, and fleshing. As a member of Albanys Spin Jam community for seven years, she has taken her fire dance to the Hunter Mountain Torch Lighting Ceremony for several years in New York. She has also performed during Halloween, New Years, Full moon and Solstice ceremonies at The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors in Wappingers Falls, New York. She also has brought performances to haunted hayrides such as Field of Horrors in Brunswick New York. Not only does Tabitha instill light and excitement to festivals, private events, birthdays parties, and weddings, but she is able to embody a wide variety of characters for each show by adapting to the needs and wants for the specific event.

Special effects makeup created by Tabitha for fire performance at Field of Horrors