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The Bewitching Blacklight Ball was held on October 13th in 2017. The event was a gathering of painters, models, and patrons alike held at the Albany Barn in the capitol region of New York state. Each painter was assigned someone to express their creative visions on through body paint. Artists locally and from out of state met to network and vend their wares during this unique  meeting of imagination.  Music, snacks, and libations were available if requested, and only a select few photographers were allowed to document the event to insure the privacy and consideration of the models. Many thanks to Rick Sheill for the skillfully executed work displayed above. Many thanks to the artists and models who made this subversive space a reality. Recognition goes out to Mechno and Kimera Sefateru, as well as David Dip for their hard work during set up. A special thanks goes to Nicky Lights for the dedication and passion to set up so many blacklights for the event to really present the works of art in all their glory, and heaps of humble gratitude to Kristen Holler, Jammella Anderson, and last but certainly not least, Casey Polomaine. The event wouldnt have happened without all of your support, and abounding thanks is sent your way. 

When hosting an event Spectra prefers to just request that a theme is kept as a way to unify the works presented rather than said theme being a limitation. All art forms are welcome and seeing how people interpret the theme brings art that might not have been considered by anyone outside of the individual presenting it to the experience. For example the beautifully hand crafted blacklight puppet that danced his way into the realities of the patrons and a live shibari demonstration utilizing UV reactive rope. Letting innovative individuals have an outlet for their visions creates an atmosphere that even dreamers couldnt manifest more wonderfully. 

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